Its 20988, The very descendant of Padme Amidala is searching for a sith lord, DARTH CAEDUS. Meanwhile sidious's clone is making the sith stronger, (or trying to.) Can the Jedi Order of the New Republic help stop the dark side? or will the jedi Order end FOREVER? That's not all, remember how Luke Skywalker defeated Jabba the hutt? There are no more Hutts and very few Toydarians, but there is a new kind of race: Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong is trying to invade the galaxy. Princess Leia Organa/Solo and Han Solo's children are trying to stop this. They get a group of friends from the jedi order. Can they save the galaxy? Starwars (SW) is AU jcink website that is +13. Sw needs more members, and needs to be updated a lot. Plus, rp is fun, we would love it if you can join. We are also looking for staff, my general MOD is gone often and i cannot update it alone. Neither can she.



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 The Precipice, |World Leaders only|
Shiiram Malis
 Posted: May 11 2016, 02:38 PM

played by Bagels
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It was a dark day and thesky looked like it was ready to rip open. The very air was soaked, as if the world was ready to purge some evil from its lands. The shadows blurred overs land over the Congress building. Shiiram walked to the building with a gleam smile on his face. All of his careful planning had worked out perfectly. He strengthed the Trade Confederation, under the leadership of Cao Miano; The Juryoku was fully operational; Naboo had was thinking about joining the Empyrium; The First Order was feeling the effects of him indirect attack them, in their current stand the Rebel could topple them at cost of their own exist. Most of all, he pulled both forces away from Corcusant.

He finally stood in the center of the Galactic Council. Many of them affiliate with the Rebels and many with the Order. It had taken him months to sow the seeds of doubt in the eyes of many. He also had clout in the eyes of secret rebel leaders in council.
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